The Classic Vodka Martini

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Crisp, cold, and shaken.

Gunnar’s Ultra Premium Vodka and a splash of Vermouth is all that is needed. Personalize yours and enjoy the smoothness of Gunnar’s.

Traditionally the martini was prepared stirred, a pour of vodka and dry vermouth in a mixing glass with ice cubes, then stirred and strained into a chilled cocktail glass. The dryness of a martini refers to the amount of dry vermouth, the dryer the martini the less vermouth. Many feel only a taste of dry vermouth along the rim of a glass or just a slight coat on the inside is all that’s needed for the perfect dry martini.


The shaken martini was made popular by fictional spy James Bond who asked for his martinis to be “shaken not stirred”.  Shaking a martini for 30 seconds can bring the cocktail’s temperature down to close to 35 degrees and more aromatic in flavor.  Be patient and shake well.



3 oz Gunnar’s Vodka, Splash Dry Vermouth


Shake, shake, shake with ice, strain, and pour


Chilled Martini Glass


Olive or Lemon Twist

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