Gunnar’s Cucumber Vodka Infusion

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Cucumber Vodka is the perfect summertime infusion.  It’s wonderfully refreshing in summer coolers or simply with soda adding the perfect garden twist to the classic martini.  

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Not only is making Cucumber Vodka easy, it’s beyond easy.  First peel, seed, and roughly chop one or two cucumbers, garden variety or English.   Place the cucumber in a glass container with a tight fitting lid.  A one quart container is large enough for a full 750ml bottle of Gunnar’s Vodka and all the needed cucumber.  Pour 1 bottle of Gunnar’s over the cucumber and seal.  Store your mixture in your refrigerator anywhere from just one day up to two weeks.  The infusion could take on a bitter taste if left any longer than two weeks.

Taste the infusion daily.  It’s anyone’s personal preference on just how much cucumber flavor is desired. When perfectly flavored, strain the vodka through cheese cloth back into its original bottle.  Store your infusion in the refrigerator and enjoy many great summertime cocktails.



Cucumber CoolerThe Cucumber Cooler:

1 part Cucumber Infused Gunnar’s Vodka

3 parts Tonic Water

Garnish with Lime Wedge and Cucumber Slice


Cucumber Vodka Classic Martini:cucumber martini

3 parts Cucumber Infused Gunnar’s Vodka

1 part dry vermouth

Shaken, Stirred, or on the Rocks, with a simple cucumber slice garnish



Cucumber Lemonade:Cucumber Basil and Lime Gimlet

1 part Cucumber Infused Gunnar’s Vodka

3 parts Lemonade

Squeeze of Lime

Add fresh Basil Leaves and a slice of cucumber



Cucumber Delight Cocktail:

1 part Cucumber Infused Gunnar’s Vodka

1 part sparkling water

1 part ginger ale

1 part simple syrup

Squeeze of Lemon

Add a slice of cucumber and a ball of fresh cantaloupe


Infusions can bring a garden of flavor to your next cocktail party.  Enjoy the season’s fresh herbs, fruits, and cucumber with your homemade infused Gunnar’s Vodka this summer.

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