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Small business, craft, or simply The American Dream best characterize Gunnar’s Vodka owner, Bill Kratsas. Bill’s guiding beliefs and ideals are rooted in a family who know what it means to take risks and work hard for the opportunity of success.DSCN0587 (300x225) Bill’s mother, an immigrant, came to this country because of those same beliefs and ideals. Bill’s father envisioned his dream while working hard as a mechanic, musician, and night time bartender. Through hard work and discipline he saved and risked all he had to open up his first small business. The business, his first, did not work out as he hoped. He later risked it all over again and opened a restaurant. This time his tenacity paid off and the business was a success.

Bill worked in the family business gaining much more than knowledge under his father’s leadership. As a teenager he worked every position in his father’s restaurant. From dish washing and cleaning the restrooms, to later managing a staff of great people who became friends, It was all part of Bill’s typical family business upbringing. The traits his father passed on aren’t taught in business school.  They come from the same business experience many families see daily.

Bill as a restaurateur himself has a passion for food, spirits, and hospitality. The passion for quality spirits grew into the Gunnar’s Vision. The Vision of an Ultra Premium, Handmade, Craft Vodka took shape. With risk and a great deal of hard work Bill created Gunnar’s Vodka. Sure it’s about great vodka , really great vodka, but also about community and local business.

Bill and Gunnar’s Vodka represent our Country’s  American Dream.

To all the risk takers chasing the dream……Cheers

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  • Matt Farzanrad says:

    let me know,for Diabetic,, your vodka is low sugar alcholic vodka? if it is !!, be helpful to add for your Advertizing

  • Nancy Willoughby says:

    I bought a bottle while stopping by my local liquor store in St Augustine Fla, Anastasia Island. There was some kind of tasting social going on and I was offered a sip and a mule. Loved it and bought all the ingredients. But the vodka had me with the first swallow. I am hooked. It is very smooth with a nice taste of (something). Excellent . I will buy more and share this with others . Cheers !

  • Bert Cordwell says:

    I brought a bottle from the Mrs. at ABC in Palm Coast. I was saving it and just opened it and WOW!!!! it is AWESOME. Does ABC sell it.

  • barb says:

    I noticed that Gunnar’s is not distilled in Palm Coast any longer, but in Riviera Beach. How come???

    • admin says:

      Hi Barb,

      We moved into a new location in Palm Coast and now have resumed production locally. With the demand for our product we were forced to work with a friend in South Florida for one production run. It’s all our same formula, and we were part of the production just as it’s always been created in Palm Coast. Licensing the new location, permits, and many items consumed more time than we anticipated. We’re happy to be back and locally creating Gunnar’s Vodka with more local Palm Coast Spirits on the horizon.


  • Wes says:

    On my palate, this is world class Vodka. I’ve never tasted better.

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