The Bloody Mary

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A Brunch favorite! Few things are better in the morning. Some like it mild while some need it hot…

Therein lays the perfect reason to create your own Bloody Mary Bar at home.

Let friends choose and create their very own masterpiece. Some must haves include horseradish, celery, pickle spears, olives and lime.  Include any pickled veggie, seasoned salts, and hot sauce.  Be as creative as you like, it’s your drink.

Just be sure to start with Gunnar’s Handmade Vodka.

Life magazine claimed this cocktail as something new in 1942.  The same year a Worcestershire sauce advertisement suggested adding the sauce to tomato juice.  The origin is unclear but undoubtedly the Bloody Mary has evolved into the classic “Hair of the Dog” cocktail.


Bloody Mary with Bacon


2 oz Gunnar’s Vodka, your favorite Bloody Mary Mix, or Tomato Juice base, Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco Sauce on Demand


Pour Gunnar’s over ice; add your favorite Bloody Mary Mix and Worcestershire Sauce


Collins Glass


Celery Stalk and Lemon or Lime Slice, sometimes Cocktail Olives, add Tabasco Sauce on Demand.


A variation to this Classic can include Blue Cheese stuffed olives and Tabasco Sauce making it a Buffalo Bloody Mary.  Substitute Chipotle Tabasco Sauce making it a Chipotle Bloody Mary.

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